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Hilda & Preston Davis Foundation - Guidelines
• Applications are accepted throughout the year. Upon arrival, grant applications are reviewed for completeness by the Foundation's administrative staff and then forwarded to the Foundation's Directors prior to the start of their next board meeting.

• After evaluating an application, the Board will choose to: decline, approve, request additional information, schedule a site visit, or invite the applicant in for an interview.

• Applicants, if declined, may not reapply for at least one year from the date of the application unless the nature or circumstances surrounding the request changes significantly. The subsequent application should describe these changes in full.
Grantmaking Guidelines
Screening Process
• For the geographical emphases of the Foundation's grantmaking, please refer to the Mission Statement.

• All applicants must be an approved tax-exempt non-profit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

• Grants may range from $2,000 up to $50,000 annually. In unique circumstances, the Foundation does consider a more significant grant for a program having a major impact in one or more of its areas of interest.

• Larger grants require a Grant Agreement Contract to be signed before payments can be made. These grants also require progress reports at least annually (though the Board encourages all grant recipients to provide feedback). The Foundation has a sample report that any grant recipient can consider using for this purpose (see here).

• The Foundation almost always limits grant durations to three years or less.

• Of particular interest to the Foundation are organizations that promote partnerships and collaborative efforts among multiple groups and organizations.

• The Foundation encourages pilot initiatives that test new program models.

• Priority will be given to requests that show specific plans for funding beyond the present.

• The applicant must have an active board of directors with policy-making authority. The board should demonstrate competence in the sound financial management of the organization.

• The Foundation will not allow any funds to be earmarked for indirect costs or institutional overhead in cases where the grant relationship was developed independent of that institution’s direct involvement.
• The Foundation generally will not provide grants to the following: organizations not determined to be tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; individuals; general fundraising drives; endowments; government agencies; or organizations that subsist mainly on third party funding and have demonstrated no ability or expended little effort to attract private funding.
Areas of Exclusion
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